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24/7 Customer Service (9-5 Available)

Keep customers happy by providing a live person every time they call. When callers can’t get through, complaints increase while business decreases. Our service can handle many of the tasks that eat up time, while concurrently saving money.

  • Connecting Callers – we can provide a local or nationwide toll-free number, or use your existing established business phone number to take all calls, overflow calls or after-hour calls. Calls are disbursed to trained agents using a digital automatic call distribution (ACD) system allowing us to answer multiple, simultaneous calls.
  • On-Screen Call Scripts and Database Views – through proper on-screen call scripting and database views, agents are able to ask the correct questions and provide descriptions and specifications.
  • Live web Interaction – your website visitors can either click a link on your web page to request a call back or they can have a message pad appear to type messages back and forth with our agent through a live chat session. Simultaneously your account appears in front of one of our agents with appropriate direction: either call back or live chat.
  • Convenient, Customizable Message Delivery – Flexible message delivery options, including email, fax, text message, web retrieval, voicemail, or live agent.
  • Reports – calls are recorded with a computer generated time and date stamp. A variety of reports, frequencies and formats are available and can be customized to fit your specifications.

For more information call 702.943.0315