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24/7 Email Read & Response (9-5 Available)

Forward your e-mail when you require us to read and respond on your behalf. A trained agent will read the e-mail and respond per your specification. We can monitor automated alert systems, dispatch service personnel, send literature or alert anyone within your organization via email.

  • Instant MessagingMessages are communicated via preferred mode of communication, whether it’s cell phone, SMS, IM, PDA or pager.
  • On-Screen Call Scripts and Database Viewsthrough proper on-screen call scripting and database views, agents are able to ask the correct questions and provide descriptions and specifications.
  • Live web Interactionyour website visitors can either click a link on your web page to request a call back or they can have a message pad appear to type messages back and forth with our agent through a live chat session. Simultaneously your account appears in front of one of our agents with appropriate direction: either call back or live chat.
  • Reportscalls are recorded with a computer generated time and date stamp. A variety of reports, frequencies and formats are available and can be customized to fit your specifications.

For more information call 702.943.0315