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24/7 Order Entry (9-5 Available)

Outsource your order taking, processing and fulfillment responsibilities to us for professional and competent assistance. Whether it’s a single product or service, a large e-commerce web site or a full product catalog, our agents are trained with the latest technology to allow custom design and scripting, real-time credit card verification and processing.

    Services include:

  • Custom Scripting–we determine your data requirements and compose a custom screen for our agents, insuring they ask the right questions and provide a complete product and service information exchange.
  • On-Screen Call Scripts and Database Views – through proper on-screen call scripting and database views, agents are able to ask the correct questions and provide product descriptions and specifications.
  • Online Data Entry –agents can place the order directly on your existing e-commerce web forms or we can work with you to create a back-end page for our agents to enter data and process your orders.
  • Credit-Card Verification & Authorization – Security measures and encrypted online services with next day funds availability
  • Import/Export and Print Labels and Reports – data can be imported and exported to and from our system using a variety of file formats including quote comma delimited, fixed length and DBF. Mailing labels can be produced to ship orders; send follow-up letters, invoices, and inventory pull tickets.
  • Reports – calls are recorded with a computer generated time and date stamp. A variety of reports, frequencies and formats are available and can be customized to fit your specifications.

For more information call 702.943.0315