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Whether it’s a single product, large e-commerce web site or a full product catalog, our agents are fully supported with cutting-edge technology, allowing for custom design and scripting, real-time credit card verification and processing, insuring customers receive timely, outstanding customer care.

Services include:

Connecting Your Customers – Cutting-edge technology to take all calls, overflow calls, or after-hour calls. Incoming calls are disbursed to trained agents using automatic call distribution system – allowing us to answer multiple, simultaneous calls.

  • Custom, On-Screen Scripts – We shall work with you to create a custom script that appears on-screen when your customers call to insure that your customers receive accuracy and integrity during the call. If your callers need more detailed advice from your staff, we can direct them to your voice mail, ensuring them that they will receive prompt attention by a professional who can answer their detailed inquiries. We can provide product descriptions and specifications; availability of inventory, SKU, color, size, price and delivery schedules.
  • Online Interaction – Web Chat integration allows visitors to either ask for an “Agent Callback” or have a “Live Chat” with one of our agents through instant messaging (IM) in real-time. Visitors can click a link to request a call back or they can type messages and interact with an agent.
  • Online Data Entry – Our agents can place the order directly on your existing e-commerce web forms or we can work with you to create a back page for our agents to process your orders. This allows you the convenience of immediate data retrieval in real-time through the Internet.
  • >Credit-Card Verification & Authorization –When our agents enter credit card info, the number is then masked so that it is only visible for a few seconds. Securing an approval code is done in the background while we are processing the call, and the purchase amount is removed or held from the caller’s account while they are still on the line. You have access to those funds the next business day. If the purchase is not approved, we can request an alternative card or suggest they mail a check.
  • Import/Export and Print Labels and Reports – We can import and export data to and from our system using a variety of file formats. We can produce mailing labels to ship the order; send follow-up letters, invoices, and inventory pull tickets. We can also provide a variety of reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, which can be customized to fit your specifications. This data can be sent directly to you, your fulfillment house, marketing agency or wherever you specify. Different report formats can be sent to each recipient in any format, including fax, email, or downloadable file.

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