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24/7 Property Management Answering Service (9-5 Available)

Managing properties is 24/7 work. Our service can handle many of the tasks that eat up time, while concurrently saving money. When callers can’t get through, complaints increase while business decreases. We can assist with not only managing emergencies, but also help with daily office needs.

Customizable property management answering service solutions include:

  • Emergency Call Services – Available 24/7 for all call center needs.

    Agents can screen your calls for emergencies and forward them per your specifications, including for example dispatching the on-call plumber. Calls are recorded, so they can be reviewed for accuracy and integrity.

  • Virtual Leasing Agents

    Agents are trained to act as virtual leasing agents and handle your leads in a professional manner. Services include informing prospective residents of property amenities and available units using your property management software via the Internet.

  • Customizable Voice Messaging Services

    Voicemail and messaging services can be customized using your own custom message scripting. Message retrieval is available from anywhere. When required, callers needing immediate assistance can bypass voicemail and be in contact with a live agent.

  • Instant Messaging

    Urgent text messages are communicated via preferred mode of communication, whether it’s cell phone, SMS, IM, PDA or pager.

  • On-Call Management

    Calls will be directed to the correct on-call person as the situation dictates. Secure web-enabled system allows your office staff to view and sort messages and post or change on-call schedules in real-time 24/7. Changes made to the on-call scheduler are available in real-time to our agents.

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