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Whether you’re a medical facility, a livery cab company or represent a large commercial venture, an Appointment Scheduling system can be customized to fit your business’ specific needs.
Professional agents can schedule for you 24/7.

Don’t spend more time scheduling appointments and managing your schedule or scheduling events than you actually meet with clients or prospects. Our agents will answer your line and schedule appointments and/or provide reminder follow-up calls.


    • On-screen call scripting and database viewing enable the right questions to be asked in order to schedule appointments properly. Your custom scripts and schedules appear on the agents’ screens when your customers call.
    • Reporting: calls are recorded for complete quality assurance. Reports can be provided on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, and can be customized to fit your specifications and delivered in a variety of formats including fax, email, or downloadable file.
    • 24/7 appointment scheduling for overflow, after-hours and weekend services
    • Offer a larger, more professional image for a smaller company
    • Personal dealing with customers outside of regular business hours
    • Independent record-keeping
    • Only pay for the time used

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